Transactional Analysis Worldwide Professional Framework

All the activities of qualified transactional analysts - including Transactional Analysis training and accreditation - are carried on under the auspices of a worldwide network of professional Transactional Analysis associations.

This network is co-ordinated at national, continental and international levels through a system of affiliation. It provides a secure professional and ethical basis for the work of accredited transactional analysts. ANZTAA is affiliated to the Federation Transactional Analysis Associations and the the International Transactional Analysis Association. It also has a strong partnership with its Australian neighbour, the Australian Transactional Analysis Association, the European Association of Transactional Analysis, the UK Transactional Analysis Association.

International Association of Transactional Analysis (ITAA)

itaa This is a worldwide "umbrella" organisation for Transactional Analysis. It is a non-profit educational corporation, and is based in San Francisco. In its role as an international forum for Transactional Analysis services and standards, the ITAA makes feasible the mutual recognition of Transactional Analysis professional credentials in 74 countries around the world. Its accreditation arm, the Board of Certification (BOC), performs the same role outside of Europe as EATA's Commission of Certification (COC) does within Europe; the BOC and COC stay in close liaison with each other so as to maintain comparability in the competency-based examinations that the two bodies conduct in their respective areas.

The ITAA publishes a monthly newsletter, The Script, and a quarterly scientific journal of theory and research in Transactional Analysis, the Transactional Analysis Journal. ITAA also provides awards: Eric Berne Memorial Award; Muriel James Living Principles Award; Hedges Capers Humanitarian Award; Robert and Mary Goulding Social Justice Award. Scholariships and Grants are also available: Eric Berne Fund for the Future; Scholarship Grant Fund; TALent Program.


Australia Transactional Analysis Association (ATAA)


The Australian Transactional Analysis Association (ATAA) is the association in Australia whose primary objective is to promote the advancement of education in Transactional Analysis. Its purpose is to promote, foster and encourage understanding and the competent and ethical application of Transactional Analysis theory in a variety of settings. ATAA is a non-profit association dedicated to the understanding and acceptance of transactional analysis and its theories and practice. ATAA is committed to the promotion of transactional analysis nationally and internationally through liaison and cooperation with ITAA, EATA, with other associations worldwide, and adhering to a stated strict code of professional ethics.

A new constitution has been voted for, which creates a Federation of Transactional Analysis in the Pacific region. This new regional body has been formed in conjunction with our neighbours in Australia (Australian Transactional Analysis Association, ATAA).

European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA)


The European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA). EATA has an expanding membership currently numbering some 7,500. The Association publishes a thrice-yearly Newsletter and organises an annual conference. EATA was founded on 16 July 1976, registered in Switzerland as a non-profit professional association as the European Transactional Analysis Association, with the aim to bring together the numerous Transactional Analysis training activities in Europe and to ensure high standards. EATA currently has 34 membership associations with more than 7550 members in 27 European countries.

One of EATA's most important tasks is to administer the system of standard, competency-based professional examinations for transactional analysts in Europe. This is the special province of EATA's Commission of Certification (COC). Britain's UKATA, like all the other European associations, uses the COC examination structure as the basis for accrediting Transactional Analysis professionals.

One of their goals is to help create powerful national Transactional Analysis organisations, which can spread and develop Transactional Analysis in Europe. EATA has a group membership process, i.e. in order to be a member, the individual is a member of a Transactional Analysis group within the country they reside.


United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA)

ukata The UK Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA) is the professional body that sets standards of competence and ethical practice for qualified and training Transactional Analysts in all Transactional Analysis fields in the UK. It is affiliated to the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) and is a member organisation of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

It is the object of the UKATA to educate the public about the study, theory and practice of Transactional Analysis in accordance with recognised standards of professional competence. The UKATA is governed by a board of directors elected by members and is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.